29 Jun 2015

The Best Tangle Teezer, Ever!


I've been using Tangle Teezers for a long time and I find them to be great hair brushes. I first received an original Tangle Teezer in the colour 'Plum Delicious' as a Christmas present. I later received another original Tangle Teezer, a compact Tangle Teezer and an Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer as a gift for subscribing to ELLE Magazine.

I love all of the Tangle Teezers but for me, the Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer is the best. The brush is designed to detangle hair in the shower. I consider detangling hair to be a chore in itself, but detangling wet hair is a nightmare! The brush makes detangling hair a painless process and it also makes it much easier to get an even distribution of shampoo and conditioner. On top of this, there's a good grip on the brush to avoid dropping it in the shower which makes it even more practical. The brush is hollow which means that it can be stood up to allow the water to pass through. I think that the design of the brush is amazing and well thought through!

I would recommend this brush because it's gentle on the hair and therefore less damaging than other brushes. However, I would not recommend using this brush outside of the shower because the bristles are quite firm when the hair is not wet - but this is to be expected, as the brush is designed to be used on wet hair.

Who else has tried these brushes? I'd love to hear what others think of this brush and Tangle Teezers in general.

22 Jun 2015

Tag - 50 Facts.


I thought that it would be a good idea to do this tag so that people can get to know me a little bit before I start posting. So, here's a few facts about me!

1. I'm Daniella (or Dani for short). I hate it when people call me Danielle. It's not the same name!

2. I don't have a middle name.

3. I'm 18!

4. I was born in October, and I'm a Libra.

5. I have red hair.

6. I'm 5"5 and a half, I think.

7. I love languages! I did French and German at A Level but I prefer German, which surprises most people.

8. I'm hoping to go to uni in September to do a degree in Law with German Law, which includes going abroad for 12 months.

9. I have Endometriosis. I've had it since the age of 12, but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 15.

10. I have a scar which isn't too visible unless I've just been in hot water. It goes red when I get out of the bath/shower!

11. I drink water most of the time but I love milkshakes, oh and cream/fruit coolers from Costa!

12. I no longer drink cow's milk (unless there's no other option), so I drink almond milk instead.

13. I love the smell of coffee, and I eat coffee flavoured foods e.g. ice cream, but I don't like to drink it.

14. I like to eat out at restaurants.

15. I love love love to travel! I've visited a lot of places but there's still so much more to see.

16. I was in Berlin in 2014 to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. I love Berlin! Oh, and the Christmas markets are fab too.

17. I've visited the USA twice! I've been to Las Vegas and Florida. I'm so jealous of their food, and their sweets. Oh, and of course, their McDonalds! How come we don't have refillable drinks, and strawb Fanta? C'mon England, catch up!

18. I went on a helicopter ride whilst in Las Vegas.

19. I like to watch films but I can't choose a favourite! Clueless and Lilo & Stitch are strong contenders, though.

20. I like to go to the cinema.

21. I went to watch the Minions film. I loved it! I felt quite emotional each time Bob and his bear were separated.

22. I like to watch tv series.

23. I'm watching PLL at the moment. I'm hooked! I hate having to watch one episode a week. I need to find out who Charles is.

24. I can't wait for the new season of Game of Thrones. Please tell me Jon's ok! This series is a favourite of mine.

25. I'm also a big fan of quiz shows.

26. I like to do sudoku, and I'm a little bit addicted to it.

27. I shop for clothes at New Look, DP and ASOS.

28. I like to wear black, white and nudes. I wear colours, too but I like the minimalistic look. I like to wear simple patterns such as spots and stripes! Oh, and I do like dog tooth.

29. I have a slight obsession with (and a growing collection of) Marc Jacobs. I think that his perfumes are the best!

30. I love flowers.

31. I'm subscribed to ELLE and Vogue magazine. I love them both, but I prefer ELLE. It comes with more free gifts, too!

32. I have an iPhone 4. I saved up for it when I was 15, but I want to upgrade. I can't see the new emojis!

33. I have a small claim to fame. Marion (a relative of mine) was the partner of the creator of Doctor Who.

34. Kate Nash follows me on Tumblr (eep!), and Frankie Cocozza follows me on Twitter (which was random).

35. I did a bit of modelling when I was 16, and I modelled at Britain's Best for the 'British Bride' competition. Jamie Stevens, the hairdresser for The X Factor, was a judge.

36. I recorded a song as a child. The school chose a group of us to go to a recording studio in MK, which was great fun.

37. I sent a letter to the Queen a long time ago, and I got a letter back from one of her ladies in waiting.

38. I used to ride horses.

39. I used to go to dance classes, too.

40. I used to be glued to Neopets. I even had teddies, and stickers of the characters!

41. I'm stubborn.

42. I'm accident prone!

43. I like to be organised.

44. I prefer to print out notes etc, rather than writing them up because it looks neater.

45. I'm a little bit (ok, a lot) of a perfectionist.

46. I'm short sighted.

47. I have a drivers licence but I don't have a car.

48. I think that Fiat 500's are the cutest cars, ever!

49. I have small thumbs.

50. I hope that this was interesting!