20 Jul 2015

The Power of Coconut Oil.


I use coconut oil all of the time, and for a lot of different things! I love coconut oil because it has no end of uses. So, here are a few examples of what it can be used for.

1. Hair!
I put coconut oil on the hair before I wash it. It can also be used as a hair mask - sleep in it and then wash it out in the morning! It's great for conditioning the hair, and it doesn't matter how much is on the hair because it all gets washed out.

2. Skin!
I use coconut oil as a moisturiser. I often use it before bed, and wake up with super smooth skin! I think that this is one of it's best uses. I would recommend this, without a doubt.

3. Hands!
I use coconut oil as a hand cream. I also put it on the cuticles for healthier nails! It's often said that the hands are first to show signs of ageing, so it's important to take care of them.

4. Lips!
I use coconut oil on the lips as it keeps them feeling nice and soft. It's important to protect the lips against the sun, and other weather conditions. It's a must have in the Summer!

5. Make up!
I use coconut oil to remove make up, and it leaves the skin feeling good afterwards.

There are a lot more uses of coconut oil, the list goes on and on, but these are the things that I use it for. I bought a jar of it from Holland and Barrett, which has lasted for ages! I use it a lot, and there's still so much left. I would recommend this, for sure. It's an all time favourite, for me.

What else can coconut oil be used for? I'd love to hear other uses that aren't on the list.

13 Jul 2015

ELLE UK: Free Gift!


I'm subscribed to ELLE UK Magazine which often comes with a free gift. This month the free gift is a set of 3 travel size products. The set includes a cleansing gel (10ml), a face cream (5ml) and an antioxidant lip balm (5ml).

I love this kind of gift because the products are the perfect size. The products fit into a wash bag, travel luggage or a handbag without hassle. This makes them ideal for Summer as a lot of people will be off travelling and on the lookout for lightweight skin-care options.

I haven't used the cleansing gel much but it isn't a favourite of mine. It might grow on me if I use it more often, but I don't think I'll be repurchasing this one as it leaves a slight stickiness to the skin. However, I do like the rose scent of this product and it does leave the skin feeling clean!

There is also a slight stickiness to the face cream when it is first applied, but it does go after awhile. I like this face cream as it makes the skin feel soft and moisturised. It's a thumbs up for this one - but it would be best to use it before bed as it doesn't sink into the skin at a great speed.

The lip balm is the best in the set, for me. It is a clear balm, so it adds no colour to the lips and gives a more natural look. The balm contains Shea butter which keeps the lips soft, so it's perfect to take on a long weekend.

I think that this is a great offer as the magazine costs £4 (or less with a subscription) and the set alone is worth £13. It's a great chance to test out some new products and decide whether or not it's worth purchasing the full size product.

Who else has tried these products? I'd love to hear what others think of them.

6 Jul 2015

The Top 5 Apps for Learning Languages!


I love learning languages and it's great to discover new apps which aid revision. I did French and German at A Level and I used various apps to revise, so I'm going to share the best ones.

1. Memrise!
This app is amazing! I love Memrise because it makes learning a language so fun and manageable. There is an option to attach a photo to the words which makes them easier to memorise. There is also a leader board which is good motivation to work harder.

2. Quizlet!
Quizlet is also a great revision tool. We created a group for our class on this website so that our teacher could upload vocab after a lesson and then we would learn it and be tested on it. I love Quizlet because there are games such as Space Race and Scatter. However, Space Race is not compatible with the app! These games also have a leader board so we were competing against each other all the time, and therefore revising more.

3. Duolingo!
This app is good because it focuses on all aspects of the language. Duolingo can be used to improve writing, speaking, listening and reading skills which makes it a great all-rounder.

4. Newshound!
This app is from Linguascope and gives a list of news articles in different languages. This app shares news from across the world and also improves reading comprehension.

5. French and German Radio Stations!
These apps are great for improving listening skills. I find that listening is the trickiest skill to learn in languages, so these apps were a great help for me. These apps make the spoken language more familiar and easier to understand. It's also a lot of fun to listen to the music!